The Star Maker School celebrates Senior Dance Company 2014 Choregraphers; AC Ciulla, Kevin Csolak, Kurt Csolak, Leesa Csolak, Jamie McNally, Kristen Hoagland, Amber Perkins, Elisabetta Spuria.


Star Maker School TV Alice in Wonderland Studio Ballet Presentation June 2013

This 45 minute class teaches the young child, ages 3,4 and 5-6, the basics of Ballet and Tap technique.  The class includes 25 minutes of Ballet and 20 minutes of Tap.   Rudimentary ballet positions, as well as basic ballet vocabulary are taught along with floor exercises, simple steps and correct posture.  Spacial awareness and three dimensional line is introduced through fun steps performed to fun, age-appropriate music.  Sequencing skills are introduced.  Listening skills and basic class etiquette is taught and then expected throughout. An emphasis on musicality and rhythm is taught and encouraged.  A written syllabus is used to insure the proper building blocks are taught in sequence to develop a strong foundation.


Ballet offers the study of classical ballet. Barre work is introduced for the young dancer ages 8-10  with a study of ballet vocabulary with a greater focus on correct posture and placement. The importance of concentration, self-control, and discipline are emphasized and necessary.  Basic steps are performed in the center, across the floor, and in simple combinations.  Classical music is used throughout.  In the older classes a strong focus on individual progress, foot development and port de bra is developed. As dancers progress, the faculty carefully evaluates each student's progress and potential for pointe work while continuing to nurture the desire to dance. 


MOVE Productions Online 2008 The Star Maker School of Performing Arts 'Can't Buy Me Love' performed by Kevin Csolak / Jerri Brown, Choreographer

Tap classes are offered to students ages 8 and up and focus on rhythm, musicality and timing. All classes begin with a technique based warm-up, across the floor exercises and combinations. students explore the fundamental steps of tap dance, learn tap terminology and develop the ability to maintain correct body placement.  Older classes further develop skills, focusing on clarity of sounds and increasing speed as well as dynamics and musicality. Our advanced tap dancers are challenged through improvisational exercises, intricate rhythms and footwork.  

Hip Hop

Hip Hop class for the youngest students is an introduction for students who have minimal hip-hop experience. Class includes a warm-up which concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations. The young children's class focuses on building a foundation of basic hip-hop movements, across the floor exercises and short combinations to today’s popular music.  Hip Hop for the older student who has developed a foundation of basic hip-hop movements and sequences places more emphasis on body conditioning and transitions. This class focuses on developing an ear for rhythms and exploring syncopation through the music and choreography. Students will be expected to learn and execute a series of challenging combinations throughout the year. Our oldest Hip Hop Classes work to develop a strong understanding and ability to perform traditional hip-hop movements. Students will continue to develop body strength, flexibility and stamina and will be challenged to learn and recall advanced choreography from week to week. An emphasis on core conditioning will also become a part of the warm-up. Students will continue to build on their knowledge of rhythm and syncopation and will also be introduced to advanced, professional level performance quality. 

Jazz: Contemporary - Modern - Lyrical - Musical Theatre

Jazz classes explore traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up which stresses technique, flexibility, coordination and strength, followed by progressions across the floor, center work and combinations.  Younger students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic vocabulary through across the floor exercises and simple combinations.  Older classes focus on body placement and proper technique, stretching and development of skills. The oldest classes emphasize quality of movement in addition to perfecting technique, performance skills and varied styles. 

Flexibility - Strength Training - Turns & Leaps - Acrobatics for the Dancer

These technique oriented classes focus on strengthening and flexibility as well as jumps and turns. Each week students experience various conditioning exercises that work on core, upper and lower body strength followed by a series of stretches that improve flexibility. Class finishes with turn, leap and trick techniques including some acrobatic moves appropriate and important to dance performance.