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Voice Lessons are offered during the week as well as on Saturdays. These are scheduled weekly, bi monthly or other based on individual needs. Check below and or leave a note at the bottom of this form and a representative will be in touch to evaluate your needs and suggest the best plan for your singer. Voice lessons range from $45/ 1/2 hour lesson to $80/ 1/2 hour lesson depending on the teacher. Call or contact us for further information and to schedule a lesson.
Ballet technique and choreography to be taught by NYC professionals. Ballet classes offered include pointe class by invitation.
Hip Hop class is being taught by Jordan Washington with other NYC professionals subbing in. HipHop is taught using age appropriate music and movement with technique and style as a priority.
Classes teaching all aspects of Jazz; Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Modern and Jazz as well as partnering are taught. Stretch, strength training and turns & leaps are also offered as listed. It is strongly suggested that both the technique and the JCML classes are taken together. Classes to be taught by Thomas Sutter with other NYC professionals subbing in. It is strongly suggested that students take both the technique class and the jazz class back to back on Wednesdays.
Tap dancing basics through professional level tap dance is taught on Mondays. The 630 class is for beginner and advanced beginner teen students. 7:30 Class is definitely the class for the advanced tap student and the pre-professional or professional working tap dancer. Beginners should take 4:30PM class to start. Teen & Adult Beginners may wish to take private instruction to bring them to a comfortable level to enter classes. Students with some former training should take the 5:30PM class. Classes to be taught by Aaron Parkhurst with a variety of NYC pros including but not limited to Kurt Csolak, Alexander MacDonald, Dan Mitra, Thomas Sutter and other NYC professionals subbing in.
Acting Classes including Acting for Stage, TV, Film, Commercials and Voice Overs as well as improvisation and audition techniques. Acting Classes are taught by Dar Calkin and Leesa Csolak with other NYC professionals subbing in.
Young Children's Classes followed by Ballet Class and Lyrical Contemporary Class will be taught by Megan Gecik with Director Leesa Csolak and other NYC professionals subbing in.
Packages are offered to students taking more than the average number of classes for the full school year September thru June.
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An SMS representative will be in touch with you soon via email or phone to confirm your registration, fees and payment.  Please visit our 'Dress Code' and 'Policies' pages for more SMS information.  Click on photos on Dress Code page to go to dance stores for easy online purchase.