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We offer, as an option, but strongly suggest a meeting with director, Leesa Csolak for a 30-45 minute conference to learn the details of what the school offers, how we function and to help determine if Star Maker is a good fit for your short and long term goals for your child or teen.
Voice Lessons are offered during the week. These are scheduled weekly, bi-monthly or other based on individual needs. Check below and or leave a note at the bottom of this form and a representative will be in touch to evaluate your needs and suggest the best plan of action. Voice lessons range in cost from $40/ 1/2 hour lesson- $80/ 1/2 hour lesson depending on the staff member.
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Address Associated with this Credit Card
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Please use the box below to give us any other information we should know about your child. This could include experience, if any, talents you have seen expressed at home, allergy information or any other thoughts or questions you might have for our staff.

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An SMS representative will be in touch with you soon via email or phone to confirm your registration, fees and payment.  Please visit our 'Dress Code' and 'Policies' pages for more SMS information.  Click on photos on Dress Code page to go to dance stores for easy online purchase.