Most all our studio/client communication is done through email.  Please be sure we have your correct email address on file.  We also use Constant Contact to provide up to the minute information on studio events, workshops, info on the end of season recital performance, costumes and performance opportunities.  These emails sometimes go into promotional or junk mail.  Please check these as we do send at least one per month.

If we need to contact you we will call via phone.  If we cannot reach you in this manner, we will use text messaging if available.


Parents or drivers should plan on dropping off and picking up children on time.

We discourage all children from waiting in the parking area or on the back steps.

No one is allowed in the studio spaces without a teacher present.  

No students will be allowed to walk to local merchants without the written permission from a parent or guardian to do so.


Students should arrive on time or a bit early to be prepared for classes.

Students must arrive early enough to prepare and be dressed appropriately before class begins.

Students should attend class on a regular basis for continued growth in technique.

Parents should notify the studio if their child will not be attending class.

Students can make-up classes if they missed class due to inclement weather or illness.  

There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.


All hair must be securely pulled back from face.

No food or drinks (Except for Water Bottles) or gum chewing allowed in studios.

No cell phones allowed 'on' during class sessions.

No street shoes allowed in the classrooms unless approved by the instructor.


We believe in providing a very positive and joyful learning environment.  Negativity and inappropriate behavior or conversation is unacceptable.  

No student or member of a student's family may post any information on any social network, internet or any other public media that may contribute to a negative representation of this studio, its staff, teachers, programming and or customers. 


The first month's tuition and the registration fee is due upon enrollment.  Subsequent monthly tuition payments are made on the 22nd of the previous month prior to classes being attended.  

Monthly tuition is billed through our secure auto-pay system.  A credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) must be provided for this purpose.  

All other fees for costumes, showcase tickets or other purchases must be made in the form of cash or check.

Costume fees are due November 1st. -----Extended to February 15th.

Recital fee is due February 15tht to secure your child's place in the June Showcase event.  

Post dated checks are not permitted.

There are no refunds for any reasons.

Returned check fee is $25.  

Late fee for tuition payments after the 27th of the previous month is $25.


All publicity for the Star Maker School's students will be done solely by the director. The school's director will write articles for any and all publications announcing awards won and or accomplishments achieved.  This to ensure correct and fair reporting of accolades as they relate to dance competition and pre-professional and professional accomplishments.  

We keep a good, working relationship with local newspapers and publications both physical and online.  

Any students with achievements associated with their instruction at the Star Maker School, worthy of public announcement, should be discussed with the director before contacting local, state or national press outlets.

Neglecting to abide by this policy will be grounds for termination from our programs. This is strictly enforced.