Tickets can be purchased by calling 908-200-7360 or by emailing infostarmakerschool@gmail.com or you can simply purchase them from the desk on any weekday from 4:30-8:00pm or Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm through Saturday June 16th.  Tickets will also be available at the door. Tickets are 20$ each.  Children 1-3 can sit on a parent's lap and do not need a ticket. Tickets can be picked up at the theatre during dress rehearsals from an SMS representative. Look for the ticket representative in the orchestra pit area during rehearsals.  Tickets can also be picked up at will-call at the theatre day of the show. Note that the studio desk will be closed during tech days.

No strollers in the aisles. No Smoking, Food or Drink in the theatre.



No Videotaping or photography of any sort is allowed.  Professional Photographers will film and we offer purchase of this video ($50 each) up until the day of the show, June 23rd Saturday.  Videos purchased at the show in the lobby prior to curtain will be $60.



Rehearsals are the week of June 18th.  June 18th, 19th, and 20th will be at the Studio in Clinton. Dress Rehearsals will be at the THEATRE at Voorhees High School on Thursday, June 21st.  Rehearsal at the theatre will be assigned based on routines and will be both during the day and thru early evening.  Times are to be announced. 

Dress Rehearsals are in FULL COSTUME, HAIR AND MAKEUP!

PLEASE, No extra family members, children, friends or relatives are allowed at dress rehearsal!!!! Please have one parent bring and stay throughout for students ages 10 and under.  Students ages 10 and under must be supervised by a parent or guardian during Dress Rehearsals at the theatre!  Students 11 and older may be dropped off and picked up. 

Students must attend the rehearsals designated for their classes and the finale during the week of June 19th to participate in the performance.

See schedule below! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!



Call-times are the times students should show up in the theatre to head to dressing rooms and get prepared for the show.  This is important- please plan ahead that parking and walking into the building, finding the proper dressing area, etc will take a bit of time.  Call-time is 1 hour before curtain for most.  Please adhere to this.  



Your child's class will have a dressing room with the name of their dance on the door.  Back Stage moms and student helpers will be available to help getting the children on and off stage.  Students in only one or two numbers can sit in the audience (in street clothes only please! Bring street clothing to change them to sit in the audience.)  Saturday Dancers ages 3-8 will be issued a ticket to sit with their parents when not on stage.  Other classes in only one number will be escorted to sit in the back and watch the show when they are not on stage.  



Note there is a short awards ceremony following the finale.  PLEASE PLAN ON STAYING FOR THE ENTIRE SHOWCASE including the awards ceremony.  ALL THE STUDENTS love performing for a big audience.  AND HONESTLY YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THE FINALE!!!



Show run time can be calculated barring no technical difficulties by multiplying 3 minutes times the number of routines.  Example; If curtain is at 2pm, and your child's dance is on number 4 of Act I, they would perform approximately 2:12pm.



To Be Announced


To Be Announced



5 Year Award Recipients

7 Year Award Recipients

10 Year Award Winners

Graduating Seniors

Most Improved Award

Rising Star Award

Crystal Star Award

Distinguished Male Performer

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