For over 40 years, parents and students have sung the praises of the The Star Maker School's director, faculty, guest artists and overall network. Literally hundreds of dancers, singers and actors have been trained here.  Students and alumni have gone on to lead among their peers in the local public school and community theatrical programs, choral groups and dance teams.  They have gone on to professional performance opportunities as children and teens, obtained college scholarships and pursued professional adult careers with great success.  The majority of the local and county programs in dance have Star Maker graduates at the helm.  Read here a sampling of hundreds of letters of what parents are saying about their experiences at Star Maker.

A special thank you goes out to the families that have taken the time to share how they feel about the training their children and teens are getting at our school.

"Awesome! Congratulations on 30 years in Hunterdon County! My daughter loves taking the Hip Hop class and her her Grandmother and I always looks forward to the end of the year dance recital. (which is a understatement because it is more of a Broadway production than a dance recital) In the 5 years my daughter has been coming to this school it has never been disappointing, We are always amazed at the talent Star Makers has created! Way to go!"

"Congratulations! It was such an awesome show. Finale was mind blowing. Totally loved it. I am looking forward to enjoy this fun in the years to come and see my daughter grow with you and your school. Thank you for everything you do!"

"Today's Showcase was fantastic!  What amazing talent you bring out in these kids.  Wanted to thank you for all you've done for my daughter this past year.  Can't wait to see what the future holds."

"I just wanted to let you know that your showcase was just amazing.  My family  was so impressed they felt like they were at a Broadway show.  Just amazing!  This is the first time that I have ever heard my teen daughter say she can't believe she has two weeks off from dance.  We all said we have never seen her be so very happy and proud up on stage performing!  Thank you for everything you have an amazing group of kids!"

"I wanted to reach out for a quick thank you after the past few weeks at school. I'm officially taking all of my dance classes through the School of Dance over here at UArts, and being in classes with the dance majors has opened my eyes to all that Star Maker gave me as a performer. These classes are fast paced, but I feel so prepared to learn combinations and new skills quickly with a sense of calm and confidence. I'm one of the only MT's that was approved to move up and I am just SO grateful for the training and base that you gave me. All the best, Sarah Flaim"

 "We are so fortunate to be a part of The Star Maker School family! The top-notch teachers and staff at this performing arts school nurture each individual child while highlighting his or her unique talents. My daughter loves to dance, act, and sing and has learned a plethora of skills while building incredible confidence and self esteem. She always looks forward to every fun filled day at The Star Maker School and never wants to leave!"

                "My daughter's experience these past years at the Star Maker School has been really positive. There are many studios in the area with great dance and performance programs, but Star Maker stands out because of the level of talent that they bring in from NYC and elsewhere to teach and direct. This gives kids a much more creative and rewarding experience. Last year, my daughter studied with a Tony nominated choreographer who was a real inspiration to her. This year's choreographer's and teachers are equally amazing. Every dance class is run professionally. Voice coaches and acting coaches as well--the best of the best. It is a whole different level and we are fortunate to have this type of studio in Hunterdon County! I also admire the studio owner's professionalism and dedication. The owner knows all the kids and provides EACH one with EQUAL opportunities for volunteer work, performances, and parts, making the studio more inclusive than others. Professional all around. Regardless of where they go with their careers, or to college, or even just for fun they are getting a real experience at Starmaker. And, if they should decide to move on professionally this is really the only place around that can prepare them."

              "My daughter has had a privilege of working with the Star Maker School for approximately 3 yrs. During this time the staff and management have demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the Arts and their enduring support has been a true blessing." 

               "LOVE this school. My son has benefited greatly due to their very nurturing environment, industry know-how and excellent teachers brought in from NYC."

                "My daughter has been dancing and acting at Star Maker for five years and is very happy there. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable in their field. It is a very positive atmosphere. We would highly recommend the Star Maker School!"

                  "If you want your child to REALLY learn how to dance, this is the right studio. Class sizes are small enough so your child doesn't get lost in the crowd and the individualized attention is what will make your child improve. They also offer singing and acting which makes it convenient to not have to hop around town to other places. After being trained here, I would never switch to another local dance school as it would be a waste of money; NYC is the next comparable place for this type of training."

               "The Star Maker School is top-notch. We have had such a great experience, and love that teachers consistently come from NYC and North Jersey to provide the kids with the best instruction around. My 6 yo daughter has been dancing and acting at SMS for more than 3 years; she attends classes 4 days a week and is on the competition team (meaning extra practices), and she LOVES it. She is always eager to go, and pumped up when she leaves. I would highly recommend this school if you are looking for a fun but rigorous dance and/or acting program."

                "Star Maker is such a huge part of my kids’ fun, happy, and exciting little lives that I barely know where to start, but I’m going to do my best. We found Star Maker when it became apparent that my four year old’s singing abilities and her drive to perform needed support from someone who knew more than I did. I tried a few local schools of the arts, but nothing seemed like it was the right fit for her- some were too formal and not fun, and some just didn’t know what to do with someone so young, and none felt like the right place for us. From the moment I met Leesa at Star Maker I felt like we had found our home, and my kids loved going there. What Star Maker offers my kids is unheard of in the area (which is why some of their clients travel so far to attend.) It is a one-stop shop for any family with kids who love the performing arts. The training covers everything-intensive dance, acting, singing, piano, song writing, guitar, etc. The staff and the visiting coaches are the best the City has to offer, including some of the best coaches in the industry, without requiring us to go to the City, which is huge. The students, many of whom are seasoned professionals of the stage and the screen, are the nicest, most supportive group of kids I could ever hope to get my kids to look up to. Their monthly Open Mic is the highlight of my kids’ routine, and when friends attend, they are blown away, not only by the level of talent, but at how confident the kids are to get up and perform. Leesa’s knowledge of the entertainment industry should never be questioned. She has created Star Maker based on her many years of working directly with kids in the industry, and she has guided us, and all of her students, to places we never dreamed of being and things I never thought we’d be doing. I have two kids who are so confident, well spoken, able to get up in front of anyone and be themselves, and so much of that is due to what they have gained at Star Maker. We are so grateful to have Star Maker in our lives!"

               "My daughter has been dancing with The Star Maker School for almost 5 years now. She has progressed from a recreational dancer to a member of their competitive dance company. Star Maker has very talented teachers on staff, and also brings in professional guest choreographers who are prominent figures in the industry. My daughter has been afforded opportunities to dance in every genre...ballet, tap, hip hop, lyrical, jazz, and contemporary...and receives quality training in performance technique, acting, acrobatics, and vocals. Star Maker has it all! If your child loves to perform, and you want to put them on the fast track, you owe it to them to check out the Star Maker program. Leesa Csolak, the director, will give you an honest evaluation of your child's skills, and when he or she is ready, they can teach you what you and your child need to know to pursue professional opportunities locally, in New York City, and beyond! Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, Star Maker has a broad range of recreational classes and competitive programs to meet everyone's needs. Come check it out!"

                "The Star Maker School is fantastic for dance, music and acting. The staff is very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. They motivate, encourage and teach important life skills such as responsibility, commitment and perseverance. Whether you want your child to perform on a recreational level, competitive or if you are interested in professional pursuits, this school can meet your needs. The teachers are great role models and get to know and care about each individual student. We are very happy."

I am so very excited and wanted to be sure to thank all of you!  I know it's not Broadway or anything, but my daughter is going to play the lead in JP Case's production of "Haphazardly Ever After"!!! She plays the queen, and although she's only a 7th grader, she stars among mostly 8th graders! We are SOOO excited!  Thank you so much for all of her terrific training!  

                "Great class size & true professional teachers! My daughter has learned so much about dance, friendship & teamwork while enjoying every second of it."